Data Analytics for Self Storage, Multifamily and Single-Family Real Estate

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CUBEAIRCAMHBRXDEIGlassdoor (4500+ US stock tickers mapped; 400k global companies)
EXRAPTSINVHFRTHIWSubreddits r/wallstreetbets, r/amcstock & r/CryptoCurrency
LSIAVBTCNIVTSLGSentiment Analysis: MD&A section in 10-K and 10-Q filings
NSACPTKIMCOVNOSentiment Analysis: Management’s prepared remarks in earnings conference calls
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Private Assets

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“Big Byte Insights truly ‘demystifies’ large noisy datasets and extracts insights that others often miss. The process begins with Big Byte asking the right questions to fully understand the underlying data. The results are summarized with user-friendly web-dashboards. Big Byte’s analysis of the self-storage industry has been quite insightful as they are not only able to identify pricing trends but also pick up changes in revenue management strategies of the various operators. I have no hesitation in recommending Big Byte Insights for their data analytics services.”

George Hoglund, CFA


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