Will hot weather eliminate COVID 19?

Will hot weather eliminate COVID 19?

Will hot weather eliminate corona virus
4 years ago2 min read

Author : Big Byte Insights

Based on the limited data so far, we do not think that hot weather will “eliminate” the coronavirus. Since 3/20/20, the average temperature in Niger has been consistently high at approximately 90.6 F (32.6° C). During this time, we have observed 584 new cases (as of 4/15/20). 

Niger, Average temperature vs covid cases

Similarly, we have observed an escalation in the number of new cases in Singapore, where the temperature has been hot recently. 

Singapre, Average temperature vs covid cases

There are numerous countries where the temperature is even hotter (Trinidad and Tobago, Mali, The Bahamas, etc) but the number of cases is low. It is possible that these cases are not local transmissions but attributable to travelers. As a result, we are not highlighting them presently. That said, the escalation is Singapore is concerning (the high number of cases suggests local transmission).

Perhaps even higher temperature levels might eliminate the Coronavirus, but limited evidence so far seems to suggest that COVID-19 will survive in temperature up to 90 F.

We invite you to track the temperature data in our dashboard's (https://bigbyteinsights.com/covid19) “Temperature vs COVID-19” tab.